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Monday, 8 August 2011

Premier League Finishing Predictions

It has been said that the wisdom of crowds leads to better decisions & predictions than an individual could come to, we've taken this on board & consulted our 5 top pundits on where they believe each Premier League team will finish this season in order to inform you of the best bets available. Below is a table showing our experts' predictions and what that means as an average. We had broad consensus around the winners & it seems that a 'Big 6' may be developing as all of us picked the same teams to finish inside the European qualifying positions.

We ended up with one tie with us unable to split Aston Villa & Everton however courtesy of more of us placing Villa 7th (with just one pundit believing they'll have an aberration of a season & finish 12th!) we've allocated them the higher position.

It seems that Manchester United will still be ruling the English football kingdom with the crown princes of Dubai waiting in the wings unable to depose of their elder brother for another year at least. It looks like big spending Liverpool & the thrifty Arsenal will be fighting it out for the all important final Champions League spot, if Arsenal were to miss out surely it would be the end of an era, with Wenger leaving - maybe to pick up the biggest job in English football once Mr Capello leaves his post at the end of another unsuccessful Championship........?

All of our pundits believe Norwich are to go straight back down & it's understandable to see why, they appear to have bought Championship (at best) quality players, seemingly in preparation of next season's promotion push - they may be one of the clubs where promotion has 'come one year to soon'. In fact all three of this season's promoted clubs look in trouble with Swansea having a lack of quality in general & poor squad options, QPR's continuing ownership squabbles have effectively paralysed them in terms of being able to make signings - a few astute acquisitions along with keeping key players could have meant a good first season in the top flight.

From these predictions we're going to look at the likely points needed to achieve each place and then bring our best handicap market bets along with some of our best selections from the season markets over the next few nights before the season gets underway in earnest. As ever Good Luck, Good Punting.

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